Sunday, February 7, 2010

la moda de los Porteños

I can't help but notice how beautiful and glamorous most people are here. Of course there are the subcultures of the disenfranchised (blah blah blah) and plastic surgery is very common, but there is definitely a specific standard of beauty. So here's a few observations about what Porteños (that's the word to refer to people from Buenos Aires) are wearing, how they're grooming themselves, and what defines beautiful. It's like they don't allow ugly people on the streets!

Viejos: sad eyes, wrinkles, balding heads, a collared shirt (with stripes or plaid) tucked into belted khakis, orthopedic shoes, and a cane.

los chicos: hipster-meets-guido-meets-soccer player is the look right now. They wear Toms, Havanas flip flops, or rad hightops, long denim shorts and futbol jerseys, (but shirtless preferred, which is ok, because they're all super-fit). They sport slicked back ponytails (ala David Beckham cerca 2002-2003), mullets, piercings, and yes, rat-tails. hola guapo!

las chicas: anything goes with the ladies, but denim minis, cute sneakers, tank tops in all colors, and sandals are a must. Hair is worn long, straight, and dyed various shades of blonde. They actually don't wear much make-up, they're just that pretty.

ladies of an older generation: they are usually very elegant-long skirts, tailored pants, blouses (cleave!!), comfy yet tasteful sandals, and dangly earrings.

Cigarettes are a popular accessory for everyone but las viejas. And people wear their book-bags on the front. Seriously.


  1. lololololol. me gusto tus descripciones especialmente de los viejos! tu necesitas a inicias la granja con todo de los viejos, gatos, y ninos elegantes de Buenos Aires.