Sunday, February 7, 2010

other things

Even though I love it here (both good and bad experiences), there are a few things I miss about home. And a few things I don't like about this city! (sorry to copy you Tas)

Me extraño:

1. Of course, my family, my friends, and my boyfriend

2. Bojangles. And any breakfast food like pancakes, cereal, etc.

3. Gender equality. Yes, there's even a woman president here, but there are subtle ways in which men treat women like inferiors. And I can't go some places/walk home at night alone.

4. Riding a bike

5. Fixed prices. I'm waiting to buy a few souvenirs until I can speak better Spanish, so I can get my haggle on!

6. Unnoticeable sewage smells. Enough said.

7. Late-nite transportation/food

8. Not feeling like an outsider.

9. Politeness. Ok, like I said, people are friendly. But not necessarily super tactful. Maybe that's just honesty, and I'll get used to it. For example, I asked this girl for directions the other night in Spanish, and she rolled her eyes and said "I bet you my English is better than your Spanish." I mean, I would never say that to someone attempting to speak English! So I said, unkind back in rapid English, and she made no comment, so I guess she didn't understand. Take that, bitch!

10. Parliament Lights.

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